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Rotonda West Florida

Lots of sun / shade / fruit / nature / peace / quiet & privacy

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Pool - Pond - Privacy

Located on huge, extra large lots on quiet dead end cu-de-sac, with pond and golf course view. Beautiful 3 bedroom 2.5 baths, 2 car garage with attic storage, large screened, heated pool, all tile & wood floors, all upgraded hurricane windows, doors & locks, electric hurricane shutters enclose entire lanai , On high ground and dead end cul-de-sac. Beautiful, high, extra wide view. Built in Stainless Steel Bar-B-Q and fridge on outside lanai 

The pool area faces south and offers beautiful sunny, 
warm and windless winter days.

Landscaped for privacy.

Full size 82' extra lot on the east side of the house
Large two car driveway with remote garage door

Garage offers lots of built in cabinets and easy access to a large attic storage space

Another very large, lush open lawn on the west side of the house
separates this home from the street and the neighbors

Back yard pond view of  this home from the golf course looking north. 
This is a very healthy, fresh water pond that separates the property from the course.
View of the pond facing west

View of the house and pool area from the Golf Course is blocked
with many different vibrantly colored and textured plants

Back Yard Pond View looking south from inside the lanai offers a 
long, wide colorful view in every direction

Outdoor / Pool area bath

View of the pool area from your large extra lot on the east side of the house

Front door entryway

Combination of Yellow Rain Tree and Florida Blue Sky Flowers


Looking north and downhill from the garage is a view of the neighbors house across the street.  Underground utilities in this area offer a much more relaxing view than telephone poles and electric wires hanging everywhere as they do in all other areas of Rotonda.

High ground offers much more security against any kind of flooding

Fully screened pool area offers both sunny and shady areas to relax.  Pool area faces south (which is extremely important in Florida) if you want to enjoy your pool all year long.  Pools facing north, east or west are cold, windy and shaded all winter long while pools facing south are warm, windless and sunny all day.  If you are looking for a sunny, warm, pool home,
this is one of the most important things to look for... 
or you could be very disappointed.

Harsh weather is no problem!  Electric hurricane shutters close partially or completely 
to protect your property from wind, rain or intruders with just the touch of a button.

Built in Stainless Steel Bar-B-Q and fridge with tiled countertop on outside lanai

A magnificent high and wide view from your lanai facing south over the #3 fairway. 
Quiet dead end cul-de-sac offers little to no traffic on your street for days at a time. 
Distant neighbors are rarely outdoors.


Living room with sliding glass doors to the pool area

Music room


Bright Airy Kitchen


Bright airy dining area with sliding glass doors to pool area

NOTE-  All upgraded vinyl doors and windows in the entire house

Second bedroom

Master bedroom

Master bath

Second bedroom

Second bath

Third Bedroom / Office / Den

16 foot painted mural (optional privacy)

For more info contact

(941) 697-3448


What this house offers that the others do not !

High ground.
This home is considered to be high ground in this area and offers 
a spectacular view in all directions while looking DOWN at all the neighbors.

Wide 2 car driveway and garage with large, easy access, attic storage space

Pool faces SOUTH for warm and windless winter days
and cool shady summer afternoons.   Believe me... it's important!

Strong electric hurricane shutters close and protect 
the entire back lanai with the push of a button

ALL upgraded doors, windows and locks throughout the house

Pool - Pond & Privacy  -  No close neighbors 

Dead End Cul-de-sac guarantees a quiet neighborhood and no traffic

Very Private Pool Area

Underground utilities 
( no telephone poles or wires in the sky )

Flag pole with lighting

Landscaped for privacy.   One additional empty lot 

Total property size over 24,000 sq. ft.

Plenty of room to build. ( permit required)

No other home in this area has all these things !

Only  $239,000


The most important part of buying a home is Location, Location, Location... and this one has it all.  Excellent location on a quiet, cul-de-sac, with no traffic, and no close neighbors, while other locations have traffic noise and lights all day & all night, with neighbors only a few feet away in all directions and/or a golf cart or tractor mower 20' away in your back yard at 6 am. 

This home is in a well lit area of Rotonda West and very close to everything including supermarket, gas, restaurants, post office, hardware, etc.  Built on very high ground on lots that stay high and dry even while there are flood conditions in other areas.  Pool area faces south and offers lots of warm, sunny, winter days while the wicked winds from the north pass by unnoticed, and has a spectacular view in all directions.  This Location really is one of the largest (over 24,000 ft) and nicest locations in all of  Rotonda West.

House was built in 1977 and was very well built... however, it now shows its age and
is a perfect candidate for a complete makeover of all appliances and fixtures.  Owner 
is not doing upgrades since the home will be up for sale, and it is always better to let
the "new owners" decide on things like that, so this home will be sold in "AS IS" condition. Water heater is new 2017.   Roof is in good shape but approx. 15 yrs old.  Sale could include furniture, pool & lawn equipment.

Due to owners schedule... this home may only be "For Sale" for a short time and will only be shown with advance notice and approved appointment.   Please do not come knocking on the door.   However, your questions, comments and ideas are welcome.

Interested parties should contact us via email at


or call  (941} 830-3114  (10 am till 6 pm)

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A Nature Lovers Paradise

Click on any photo to be instantly transported

Nature Lovers
Nature Parks
Fruits & Vegetables


A Nature Lovers Paradise

A Park Like Setting 
is no exaggeration 

Very friendly and colorful birds and other animals you may find in your yard at any time...

Click here to see a list of the birds and animals you will see


The weather is 
for growing flowers all year


Light and temperature are perfect for growing orchids and other exotic plants
all year long

Lots of State and Local Nature Parks
are within a few miles

Click any photo for a virtual tours of these and other nearby places

Lots of lakes, rivers and bay areas
for fishing, hiking, biking and kayaking

For more information and some virtual tours visit:


For more information and some virtual tours visit:


Papaya's are very easy to grow anywhere in the yard

Must Love Birds

Some of the birds we see in the yard daily or weekly

Red Bellied Wookpecker

Male Cardinal
(Mr C)

(Sea hawk)

Ringed Turtle Doves
(Lovey & Dovey)

Bald Eagle

Red Shouldered Hawk

Coopers Hawk

Yellow Crested Night Heron


Great Blue Heron
(Big Blue)

White Ibis


Boat tail Grackle

Brown Thrasher

Great White Egrets

Female Cardinal
(Mrs. C)

Blue Jay
(J Bird)

Mourning Doves
(The Partridge Family)

Joe Crow

Snowy Egret

Common Grackle
(Yellow Eye)

Butterflies in your yard
Every Day !

Raise your own butterflies all year long
Click here for some great photo's

Location - Location - Location

Sun - Fun & Beaches

Englewood Area has

The Nicest Beaches in all of SW Florida !

These are all local beaches in the Englewood Florida area

Click on any photo to see some great photo's and video clips


Click here to visit our local beaches


for local information about Englewood, 
Englewood events, and virtual tours


An All Inclusive Englewood Small Business Directory

3 miles to an assortment of restaurants - 
Italian, Seafood, Mexican, Deliís etc

7 miles to Englewood Beaches

5 miles to Placida and Boca Grande Beaches

5 miles to the Pioneer bike trail

Excellent Sport Fishing  (Tarpon Capital of the world)

Boating Everywhere - 5 miles to several Boat Ramps

Nicest beaches in all of SW Florida


Lots of State and Local nature parks within a few miles

Lots of lakes, rivers and bay areas for fishing and Kayaking

For more information and some virtual tours visit:



Need to learn more about this area


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A Nature Lovers Paradise

This home was landscaped  for someone who likes nature, gardens,
peace and quiet, and privacy in their own back yard.

For more information e-mail


(941) 830-3114


Birds in our area

Great Blue Herons
Great White Egrets
Little blue herons
Little Green Herons
Tricolor Herons
Blue Jays
English Sparrows
Brown Thrashers
Boattail Grackles
Common Grackles
Redtail Hawks
Coopers Hawks
Red bellied Woodpeckers
Pileated Woodpeckers
Mourning Doves
Ringed Turtle Doves
Redwinged Blackbirds
White Ibis
Several varieties of Warblers
Black Vultures
Turkey Vultures
Common Crows
Fish Crows
Bald Eagles
Sandhill Cranes
Ground owls
Osprey  (Sea hawk)
Wood Storks

Very friendly Grey Squirrels daily
Anoles - lizards
Frogs & Toads
Softshell water turtles

Other common birds we see occasionally

Great Horned Owls
Screech Owls
Barred Owls
Swallowtail Kytes
Green Parrots
Thousands of Tree Swallows - migration
Hundreds of Robins - migration


On the gulf in this area

All kinds of Seabirds
Sea Turtles
Brown Pelicans

White Pelicans (in winter)



Critters you will see in the area occasionally

Fox Squirrels
Red foxes
Wild Pigs
Box turtles
Gopher tourtises

(see butterflies every day)

Orange Barred Sulphurs
Cloudless Sulphurs
Black Swallowtails
White peacocks
Giant Swallowtails
Gulf Fritillaries


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Robert Shainline
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